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F3 SMD Wall Washer Light Series

Wall washing is a technique typically used to light flat walls. You get a nice, even distribution of light from floor to ceiling, bringing your attention to a large, smooth vertical surface. Wall grazing fixtures are designed to graze a textured surface such as stone or brick with light.

Wall washing is typically produced by lights mounted at or above the ceiling that effectively wash up to 8-9 feet of vertical wall space. The wall-wash lights should be mounted at a sufficient distance from the wall so that light falls on the wall at a wider angle; in some spaces, 2.5-3 feet might be suitable.

While wall washing reveals the smooth surface of Wall A, it would wash out the rich stone texture of Wall B. Alternately, we can light Wall B using a technique called grazing. Grazing is similar to wall washing in practice but the lights are located closer to the wall. The beam of light strikes the wall at a narrower angle, producing shadowing that reveals and accentuates texture. By moving the lights closer or farther away from the wall, we can adjust the angle of light to make the shadowing more or less pronounced. Either way, the wall is presented as a point of visual interest in the space.

  • Wall washing call attention to walls
  • Wall washing lights the wall at a wider angle, washing out details 
  • Wall washing is ideal for creating a visually smooth, flat surface
  • Grazing lights the wall at a narrow angle, accentuating details through shadows

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