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High Bay Light SFT-9 Series

What are high-bay lights?

As their name implies, high-bay lights are used to illuminate spaces with high ceilings. That usually means ceilings ranging from 20 feet to approximately 45 feet. Because a high-ceiling location has more space to fill, a high-bay by definition is a powerful light source that can brighten up a large area.

Given their placement, high-bay lights are natural fits for commercial and industrial uses. They have multiple applications across a range of industries, including workshops, factories and assembly lines. You will also see high-bay lights in large recreational facilities and gyms. These lights are excellent for illuminating storage facilities and warehouses as well. They can be used for large conference halls, event centers, or indeed for any place that needs lighting from an elevation of more than 20 feet. They are even used in hangars and other large, cavernous buildings.

One of the benefits of high-bay lighting is that it provides clear, uniform lighting of what’s below it with little glare. Different kinds of reflectors can accomplish different kinds of illumination tasks for high-bay lights. Aluminum reflectors make light from the fixtures flow directly downward to the floor, while polycarbonate reflectors create a more diffused lighting useful for illuminating shelves and other elevated objects in a space.


Beam Angle & Material

different materials and beam angles
lecolux PC materials and beam angles


Available Color For Cover


high bay light with transparent cover 110°
high bay with new PC cover 60°
PC cover industrial project lighting

Installation & Package