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Flood Wall Washing Light F11 Series

Everyone wants a gorgeous outdoor space. Spaces that invite you to sit for a while, to have another glass of wine and linger in the warm, flower-scented air of evening.

Being able to enhance a lovely outdoor design is, of course, just one reason why we light outdoor spaces. Aesthetics are fairly self-evident; you want a space that is nice, enjoyable and well designed. But there are also the elements of safety and security. Safety is critical, considering that dark outdoor spaces can be obstacle courses designed to twist ankles and break wrists. And when it comes to security, properly lit outdoor spaces make your home less of a target for ne’er-do-wells.

What to Light

  • Entertainment Spaces: This is lighting for entertainment and for gathering, and is the most immediately rewarding when done right. Well-lit patios, decks and balconies can transform a larger outdoor space and let you enjoy it more fully. Dining tables, lounging areas and fire pits also fall into this area.
  • Safety Spaces: These are areas that have the potential to injure or harm. Look for edges between surfaces, like the edge of a patio and lawn, and spaces where heights change, such as stairs, decks and the like.
  • Security Spaces: These are spaces where you want to ensure that nobody is going to mess with your home. Front and back doors, side yards, driveways and mailboxes are all areas to consider.

Technical Parameters




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